MAG: Monsters Against God (boemmag) wrote,
MAG: Monsters Against God

M.A.G. newsletter #2

Welcome to M.A.G. newsletter #2.

All rejoice! There is much activity on the front! Not only are the ranks of M.A.G. engorged with new members (more than doubling in size over a mere 12 hour period), but an entire arts movement has sprung up to support this Holy War against the unpleasant beared fairy in the sky. Not only does M.A.G. now have an official theme song composed exclusively for Operation W.O.G. (War On God), but there is also a M.A.G. film already in production! Truly, ours are the blessed among you.

M.A.G. membership is free and open to anyone, even if you have poor grammar skills and are balding or smelly. M.A.G. accepts you! Join today!

Many more exciting M.A.G. news items are brewing, so be sure to read each and every issue of M.A.G. newsletter for important updates you cannot live without!

Thank you for choosing M.A.G.
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