MAG: Monsters Against God (boemmag) wrote,
MAG: Monsters Against God

MAG Newsletter #7/State Of The MAG Address 2003

M.A.G. (Monsters Against God) newsletter #7.

Hello MAG, cowardly secret fans of MAG, and resentful humorless babies. Welcome to the very first State Of The MAG Address as presented by BoEM and Maxim hair color for men.

MAG has now existed for nearly 2 months, that's over 1 year in dog time, and to celebrate this anniversary we will reflect upon the many accomplishments of MAG.

*Strengthened monster unity.
*Heightened monster discord.
*Removal of religious discussion in Dominions.
*Duran Duran reunion.
*Introduction of new expletives designed expressly for MAG affiliates.

MAG has also been represented in various media including (but not limited to) television, print, graffiti, and radio. This will all continue with no forseeable end. The highlight of which as follows:
*The MAG gang signal was seen on ABC-TV (flashed by your MAG hero, our own resident naked posterboy Mr Question).

Like it, loathe it, feel indifferent and bored by it, or just try to ignore it away, MAG is here to stay. In the planning stages (some nearly completed) are:
*MAG buttons (1 basic design, 1 request only design).
*MAG polo shirt.
*MAG patch.
*(top secret MAG project).
*MAGonline expansion.

MAG will be a force at this year's upcoming Halloween Haunt! All details are top secret at press time. Ideas underway include:
*(top secret MAG project).
*(top secret MAG project).
*(top secret MAG project).

In MAGyahoo there have been many fine discussions of late. Want to know where BoEM and allies plan to set up shop this year? MAGyahoo holds clues and details! Will a Bayou return be in order? Will The Underground be the new home of happiness? Will there be a full scale attempt to make Lore a good maze? Don't listen to rumors or speculation. MAGyahoo holds the key. All are welcome, all is allowed.

Have a Live Journal? Befriend MAG and the "favor" will be returned. MAGjournal includes exclusive MAGfun.

The state of MAG is this: MAG is strong, growing, and will eventually morph into something so big and annoying that it might have to be quarantined and destroyed! That, jerks, is the MAG way.

MAG knows who got Brad fired!
Thank you for choosing MAG.
-BoEM and related effects.
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