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BoEM narneque 2 results

First up, let me mention the new BOEMMAG AIM name in case anyone wants to call me bad names.

Yesterday went well, I believe. Always a shock to see people actually show up at the Krueger ranch for any reason. Food was served and some people actually ate. There was a great deal of videogame playing and hiding in air conditioned rooms taking place and a good enough time was seemingly had by most.

Table hockey champs of the day (based on the final victory of the day as no tournament took place this time) were Mr Kevin and Jason. Let's applaud their efforts in winning 5-4 after trailing 4-0 against the team of Mr Pete and Nicky Joe. It was a tainted victory, as 2 goals were disallowed because the gumball popped out of the net instead of staying in, but these things happen sometimes and nobody likes a sore loser.

Table hockey champs list:
Gus' birthday/housewarming: Mr Adrian and Mr Pete
Narneque #1: Mr Pete and Mr Gus
Narneque #2: Jason and Mr Kevin

Fusion Frenzy Sumo Balls first-to-5 winner:
Narneque #2: Nicky Joe
*In the future this should be expanded to a first-to-10 game, perhaps including up to 8 people.

BoEM/M.A.G. awaits a future Haunt dodgeball game to further prove their athletic and intellectual superiority. It pleases us to hear that your M.A.G. hero Mr Gary violated the competition in the recent Haunt picnic dodgeball challenge.

Although the M.A.G. egroup may be hibernating, M.A.G. plans are constantly being formulated. Some new plans were unveiled last night to an enthusiastic private audience. These will be revealed to the general public at a later date.
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