MAG: Monsters Against God (boemmag) wrote,
MAG: Monsters Against God

MAG newsletter #11

Welcome to MAG (Monsters Against God) newsletter #11.


In the maelstrom following the announcement of new MAG departments, the following leadership roles have been accepted:

Monsters Against Girls: Andrew
*Andrew is currently buying a rifle and plans to shoot every girl he sees. Good job!

Monsters Against Groups: El Bob
*The Bob is currently sharpening a pointy rock and plans to jab anyone he sees congregating in groups of 3 or more. Good job!

Monsters Against Guttenberg: Jef
*Jef is currently setting fires in Hollywood hoping to scorch the homes of anyone who may have met Steve Guttenberg at some point in their lives. Good job!

Monsters Against Ghosts: Pete
*Pete is currently putting on a proton backpack and will be using psychics in an effort to scare ghosts out of their celestial vortex homes and then fry them to death. Good Job!

Monsters Against Gus: Gary
Monsters Against Gary: Gus
*Gus and Gary are having a special swordfight at this very moment. Good job!

Monsters Against Gays: Nichol
Monsters Against Gorillas: Nichol
*Nichol is currently boarding a boat to Africa in an effort to stamp out it's ever growing homosexual gorilla population. Good job!

It's possible that even more department titles have been accepted by now, check MAG for all the updates you'll ever need.

With each new department wreaking havoc the world over, MAG's influence grows. Already MAG has graffitized Knott's Berry Farm and elected a member to the Governorship of the state of California, our next step is global MAGinization.

Today California, tomorrow the world!

Thank you for choosing MAG.
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