MAG: Monsters Against God (boemmag) wrote,
MAG: Monsters Against God

M.A.G. newsletter #5

M.A.G. (Monsters Against God) newsletter #5.

Things are hopping in MAGville, as we are now 15 members strong. Not only has MAG invaded television's Jimmy Kimmel show, but we now boast one of the highest membership totals anywhere in Yahoo groups! MAG is on the march and it's only a matter of time until your institutions crumble, your deities tumble, and society falls flat in an effort to appease it's new MAG masters.

Finally, after months of planning and a budget in excess of $25,000, the official MAG website is finally up and running.

WARNING: This website is very technicologilistically advanced and unless you have a very good computer and all the latest graphics doodads installed, MAGonline may very well crash your computer so hard that it may never work again. View with extreme caution. Features included on this site are important MAG links and photos, including a shot of your MAG hero Mr Q as seen on TV.

The next advertised MAG greeting point on July 16th, as the reformed original lineup of Duran Duran will be performing a special concert in Costa Mesa to lend their support in the war against religious tyranny, conformity, and many other things we will decide upon at a later date.

Now, I realize you jealous morons must be thinking "MAG is happening. I wish I were a part of this exciting and sexy cultural revolution! If only they'd let a dopey dick like me join the battle against God and the concept of God". Well guess what? You can join MAG and best of all, it's free! That's right stupid, all you have to do to join is simply join. We will accept you, even if you are stinky or a total dip, MAG loves all.

MAG is a byproduct of BoEM Inc. Join MAG today and get in touch with your inner you.

Thank you for choosing M.A.G.
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