MAG: Monsters Against God (boemmag) wrote,
MAG: Monsters Against God

M.A.G. Newsletter #4

Hello comrades and other homosexual Nazis.

Last night was a rousing success as the war on God took a sexy turn as 4 of your popular and beloved MAG heroes appeared on television's decidely unpopular Jimmy Kimmel show. Mr Question's apeman face graved our screens a few times, causing Luke Perry to ask "who was that guy?" I envy Mr Question, as I have stalked Luke Perry for years and never gotten any response at all. As we were all there to see Mr Luke Perry flirt with that big girl who had a cigar inserted in her poon, it was a great surprise when we found out the musical guest was Marilyn Manson. A BoEM pit was formed and barely shown on TV, but it did exist and it was a thing of glory. The show was taped and I am assured we will have stills from it quite soon. Queen Sandy was even there, possibly lending her support to the battle against God.

In other news, the E3 convention was also a rousing success as Mr Gus and Mr Peter managed to grab 125 large bags of free videogame and movie promo garbage. There was supposedly a planned zombie of E3 being planned. No such event took place. Instead, I met Matt Groening and he was nice, causing me to get all giddy like some stupid little girl. There was a rather unfortunate Josh sighting at E3, but we did not allow this to ruin what was otherwise a fantastic 3 deafening days of migranes, mascots, and masturbation jokes.

In further MAG news, tonight at Bar Sinister is Trish's birthday party. Watch Trish drink, drink Trish drink! Watch Trish fall, fall Trish fall! Listen to her theories on astrophysics as she sinks further and further into inebriation. Kidnap her Baby Pumpkinhead and hide it in a toilet.

It has come to our attention that Dax kicks more ass than is humanly possibly. I believe it is true. With MAG, all things are possible.

Thank you for choosing MAG
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