MAG: Monsters Against God (boemmag) wrote,
MAG: Monsters Against God

MAG newsletter #6: Birth of MAGbaby!

M.A.G. (Monsters Against God) newsletter #6.

Lots of MAG news to share! The movement continues to grow on a weekly basis and MAG thanks all MAG members for their courage and intelligence. Truly, you will be rewarded in the afterworld.

MAGonline: First up, MAGonline got a budget increase and another $1,300 was spent in an effort to bring you an update. There is a slight change to some of the photos adorning the main page, a linked page with all of the MAGclassic reasons to hate God pictures has been added, but all of pales when compared to the majestic birth of MAGbaby, our true saviour! Check out MAGonline for all the details you need!

MAGlanguage: when feeling the need to utter an expletive involving the name of the mystical ghost in the sky, simply substitutue the word MAG in it's place. Here are some helpful examples for you:
*MAGdammit! The dog peed in the kitchen again!
*Oh MAG, I think I left the keys in the trunk.
*I'm going to kill every one of those MAGdamned ants.

The word "lord" may still be used, mostly because the words "gaylord" and "cocklord" are too special to be messed with.

MAGbuttons: They will be a reality soon (right after MAG gets a decent printer). Designs under consideration right now include haunted Peter Brady (as seen on MAGonline) and haunted Trisha Elerding. Possibly both. They won't cost anything and will be nice buttons (we hope). These are only for MAG members. If MAGbaby allows us to use his image on a button, that might happen as well.

Thank you for choosing MAG.
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